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Wet & Dry Solutions

Dry Rot
Dry Rot is a virulent and invasive fungal growth. Despite its name, it is a product of a damp environment and can spread through the house in the walls and behind plaster. All timbers will have to be removed a minimum of one metre beyond the trace of the growth and all plasterwork removed until no further traces are found. The area affected is then sterilised with a specialist fluid injected into the brickwork. As always, prevention is better than cure, and spraying with a specialist fungicide and/or installation of new sub-floor airbricks, will greatly reduce the risk of attack in the first instance.
Wet Rot
Wet Rot is a product of a damp environment, leaving the wood looking damp stringy and spongy. Consequently the timbers are structurally weak and can fail. It can be remedied by cutting out the affected timber, replacing/improving sub-floor ventilation and spraying with an all-purpose fungicide. Again, prevention is better than cure.