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Damp Proofing Services

Damp causes unsightly staining and mould growth and can aggravate respiratory problems. The main causes can be categorised as follows:
Rising Damp
Rising Damp is commonly found in older properties, the cause usually due to the breakdown of the old Damp Proofing Course (DPC) - slate or bitumen usually. This results in water being drawn up through the porous brick wall by static water pressure. The usual remedy is to pressure-inject a chemical DPC. A number of other specialist damp proofing treatments can be specified, depending on the structure.
Penetrating Damp
Due to high external ground levels, Penetrating damp can be alleviated by lowering the external ground. In cases where this is not possible e.g. cellars, a separate tanking system can be installed; either by chemical application or a separate internal skin, depending on severity.
Condensation is a problem of modern living and new building techniques trapping the water-laden air. Fitting one of a range of specialist Condensation Control Unit rectifies this.