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Basement Waterproofing Services

Property price rises are leading to an increased populatiry in basement waterproofing and cellar waterproofing. A damp cellar or basement can be converted surprisingly easily and inexpensively with our waterproofing and Damp Proofing services, and can increase living space and substantially increase the value of a property.

Kitchens, wine cellars, bathrooms, living rooms, studies or even recording stuidos can be converted following a basement waterproofing - only your imagination is the limiting factor. In commercial premises, common uses for basements include, extra storage / retail space, car parks, bars/nightclubs, and restaurants.

As Waterproofing Specialists, we offer two main types of system for basement waterproofing. By offering both types of basement waterproofing systems we are able to offer an impartial opinion as to which waterproofing system is best suited for a particular project. We are also able to supply waterproofing systems for the construction of new basements